Black Jumper - Tesco // Studded denim waistcoat - Roki and DIY // Velvet shorts- topshop (last year) // Boots- Docs
(it looks like there is someone sleeping my bed...there isn't)

I don't have much work to do today so this means I get to spend my day drinking tea and watching the big bang theory.

I love this denim waistcoat that I got from Rokit in March. I wore it a lot when I first got it but then I got my army jacket so wore it less and less. My velvet shorts are something that I bought last A/W at the very beginning of my velvet obsession. The only problem with them is that they cling to your fatty bits.

I have asked for a tripod and a light for christmas so hopefully in 9 weeks I will be able to take decent pictures without my messy room as the background.

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