Give me a D! Give me an E!

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that in March I planned on doing an A-Z photography project where I photograph something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For the first month I did really well and got up to C and then I pretty much neglected it (see A, B and C here)! I did one for D but didn't post it on here. So here are photographs for D and E!!

D is for Dambuster Raider!
This is from a 1940's weekend that I went to in June. I took so many pictures but then my batteries started to run out! Typical crappy tesco batteries! You can see the full 1940's day post here!

E is for Edinburgh
As most of you will know, I went to Edinburgh in August and took only disposable cameras with my which I got developed the other week. I really like this picture of Edinburgh, mainly because I took it through some railings and I am quite proud of the outcome! I just think it's really pretty! You can see all of my disposable pictures of Edinburgh here!


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