Playlist of the week #4

Those of you who have been following for a while will remember my playlists of the week and how terrible they were but I am trying to improve them now by making youtube playlists to share with you all..yaay! I will set a theme each week for what they are based on and this week's is simply what I have been listening to recently.

click image to go to the youtube playlist!!
  1. This song is at the start of Ghost World and I just love the faces the woman pulls and although I don't know what he's even on about, it's so catchy.
  2. I fell in love with this song after I went on just dance with my friend and it has actually become useful seeing as I had to research Rasputin for my history homework!
  3. I listen to kate nash every morning on my way to school
  4. Rest in peace is from a Buffy episode (once more with feeling) and is now my new alarm tone! His voice is VERY nice to wake up to. 
  5. As you may know, true blood season 5 has started recently and it's not as good as the other seasons but the theme tune is still amazing!
  6. A cover of perfect day was on the advert for downton abbey and it makes me happy every time it comes on!
  7. My new favourite song by the Jam
  8. Taylor Swift is always coming on the radio in the common room and it's soooooo catchy - WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHERRR
  9. I bought a new Wham! CD and club tropicana is so good (especially the video because Georgey is trés gorge.)
  10. My favourite ever GNR song. 


  1. Club tropicana is my absolute fave! Haha, great post :) x



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