Playlist Of The Week #5 - Songs from Soundtracks

click the image to be taken the the youtube playlist so you can listen to them all!! 
  1. Those of you who follow me on tumblr will know that I LOVE moulin rouge and this is one of my favourite songs from it. When he sings, "WE SHOULD BE LOOOOOOVERS" I like to pretend he is singing to me 
  2. Probably not the best song from the rocky horror picture show but it's the one that gets stuck in my head the most
  3. My name is Amy and I love Twilight. There I said it. When it came out I loved Paramore too so the combination of them both was just AMAZING. 
  4. the Buffy theme song is the best to hum along to. 
  5. my favourite song from grease
  6. I love Lord of the Rings and the music is pretty. Can you get pretty music? Well you can now!
  7. Pretty Piece of Flesh is from Romeo and Juliet, another amazing film
  8. Another one from Romeo and Juliet. This is the love them for the film and it's beautiful. 
  9. This is currently my ringtone! All along the watchtower is from The Watchmen soundtrack which is an amazing film with an amazing soundtrack! 
  10. And last but not least, this song is from Trainspotting. Renton (main character) really likes Iggy Pop and is played at the start of the film (I think)
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  1. Love paramore! Seen them twice and they're awesome :) xx

  2. Just listened to the whole playlist and I have to say, I LOVE your taste in music! I'm so glad I just stumbled across your blog, I love it so much! Definitely following you now :)

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