Proud of my tidyness

all of my clothes are all squished together. I wont tell you where I got all these from because that will take the point out my outfit posts now wouldn't it!

tried to neatly organise by bags and shoes. 

I like to hang things on my wall! L-R : the thing of the EDF advert and a little leaflet I got from BHF saying 'thank you!!!', crown- crown and glory via The Robyn Diaries giveaway. I wont explain the rest because you can't see them. 

L-R (back to front): Rocky Horror Picture Show record - antique shop, photo frame - gift, David Bowie record- oxfam, D&G perfume- duty free (my dad works at an airport), other pefume is opium- was my mom's, jewellery stand- gift, jar- old sweet jear, cauldron- Oswaldtwistle Mills (don't ask ahah), cute dragon pot (can't see clearly)- don't even know, art decor pot thing- gift. The little pot behind that is a pot of worry dolls. The thing at the front is a candle.The thing on the cauldron is my floral top know crown if you can't tell. 

cute jewellery stand that I got for my 16th

yes I have a gnome - store 21 (it was only £1.99, how could I resist!)

I don't know if it's just me but I LOVE looking at other people's rooms and being nosey at stuff. I decided to make this post because a) I was proud of my tidyness and b) to let people have a nosey! I know this doesn't show the whole of my room but I do share a room with my sister and I'm not totally sure she wants the world to see her side of the room even though she's at uni. I know that sounds baffling but I know what she's like!


  1. Oh gosh I am envious of the tidy state of your closet. Mine is constantly a mess. I share your love of looking at other peoples rooms. I love all the knick-knacks you have displayed on your drawers.

    1. haha thank you! The tidyness of my wardrobe hasn't lasted long though I must admit! haha xx


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