Rock The Casbah

t-shirt - Dad's//skirt- charity shop // collar - primark

This isn't a particularly exciting outfit, just what I wore to tidy my room which was a mammoth of a task seeing as I haven't done it since I have been at sixth form. There will be a post at some point of all my newly organised things. 

Last night I went to my friend's house which was nice because it's something I rarely ever do!
I will be spending the rest of my weekend doing history essays, world development essays and much much more. I bet my weekend is better than yours..... I guess it will keep my occupied with Dr Who having finished and the x factor being so incredibly terrible this year. It seems that all of the programmes that I like have finished (dr who, whitney, new girl, mrs biggs etc.). 

anyway have a fun weekend.


  1. Love the top with that skirt - can't beat a good band t-shirt! xoxo

  2. great outfit! and I agree sixth form sucks so much so much work :(

    rebecca x

    1. Thanks! I know I feel like all I ever do is work :( x

  3. love how the pearl collar gives the rocky look a pretty finish :) you look so cute xx


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