Christmas Cardigan - Primark £14 

Bowler Hat- H&M £9.99 // Red tartan scarf - H&M £7.99

Oversized coat (it's actually blue) with leather collar - Primark £30 // Bowling bag -Primark £9

Blue high waisted jeans - Urban Outfitters £10!!!!!!

just a photo of bum appreciation -thank you jeans
(I also got some black skinny jeans from primark but they don't photograph well)
As you can tell I went shopping to Manchester today and got some amazing stuff! I think it's safe to say I am pleased especially the coat, it's beautiful. The only downside of the shopping trip was the heavy downpour of rain which made my foundation run like crazy (note to self- 17 foundation and rain DO NOT MIX). 
Unfortunately tomorrow I have to do a ton of work that I have been putting off - yay history and RE! I have also stupidly left my maths folder in my locker at school. I am such a dope!
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  1. love that bowler hat!! really need to get one!! xx

    1. You totally should, they're quite cheap! x

  2. Great buys! Will be heading to H+M pronto to get the tartan scarf, I've been wanting to get one for ages. Your Urban Outfitters jeans were a bargain :) xx

    1. Thanks! The scarf is the cosiest thing ever, I definitely recommend it!


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