jumper - tesco // paisley pants - matalan // necklace - new look // rings: triangle- dorothy perkins, thumb rings- river island // black ring and cat ring - topshop

I couldn't wait to wear my paisley trousers so here they are woohoo! I'm not doing much today, all I did was go to tesco and I accidently knocked some chocolate polar bears over which is obviously a good thing to do. 

Anyhow, I have  HUUUGE question to ask you all: what would you think about me doing videos to show you my outfits and stuff that I buy? I have been watching video blogs recently and it's such a good way to show readers what you've bought because sometimes photos don't do the item any justice. I did do a little video to ask you about what you think but it was so out of focus and it's just easier to ask you like this. SO telll me what you think in a comment below please - don't be afraid to say it's a dumb idea, any response is a good response (how corny).

Last of all, could you please have a look at my friend Lauren's blog (notanotherteenblogspot), she has done 2 post so far but you should probably expect lots of exciting make up posts because she is ace at doing make up.

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  1. love the trousers!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. Hey lovely just came across your blog and it's really great!

    Now following, please check out my blog if you can,

    thank you :) xoxoxo

  3. You look lovely! Those trousers are great! xx

  4. Wow, you have a really unique style.
    Hahaha, I actually laughed at the Tesco's fail ;D There is no need for chocolate in the shape of polar bears anyway, you did them a favour.
    I've always thought that bloggers should have a youtube account in which they can post odd bits of videos and things from there life as you just can't really capture everything in pictures. ♥

    1. It was really embarrassing and an old man came up to be and said, "you should be embarrassed...I'm just kidding" it so odd! Thank you for your thoughts on the youtube channel thing,I like to ramble and I feel like I can't do that in posts so a video might be better! Thanks lovely! xx

  5. I think you should definitely do some video posts, I'd try it myself but I haven't got the equipment and stuff to do it! I'll look forward to seeing your first one :) xx

    1. You don't need anything fancy just use a webcam, standard digital camera or even your phone!! Thank you for the support!!! x

  6. I have such a clothes-crush on everything you wear! You definitely should start doing a vlog :- )

    Xx. Emma @

  7. I could stare for hours, love.

  8. Love the trousers!!
    S xx

  9. I love the paisely pants, and I love the way you've paired them with the necklace, it goes perfectly.

  10. You have amazing style! Love those trousers xx


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