They're taking the Hobbit's to Isengard!

(showing the Legolas inspired hair)
Cardigan - Primark // Jumper - tesco // Skirt - charity shop // Crystal necklace - tentative decisions // ring - topshop sale // earrings - topshop (gift from my sister)

This is what I wore to sixth form today and I was quite worried about the looks I would get about the skirt as it may be seen as a tad weird. It turned out that nobody seemed to bothered which hopefully means I can whip out my velvet maxi some time soon (hurrah). Anyhow I got this skirt last week from Age UK for £2.99. It is a million sizes to big and far too long but after a lot of sewing and rolling it up it fits totally fine. As you can tell I also got a card thing for sixth form to show that I am actually a student there - it makes me feel kind of grown up!

As for the hair today, I was inspired by Legolas from Lord of the Rings (hence the title) as I watched all three films yesterday whilst drinking lots of cups of tea and drinking cheesecake - it was a good day!! The only downside is that I cannot stop thinking about Lord of the rings now, I'm even listening to the soundtrack!! dear oh dear!!!
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  1. Haha, I love Lord of the rings... I haven't watched them for ages though so am tempted to now! The hair is super cool, and I adore that skirt so ignore any silly sixth former side glances :)

    1. haha thank you, I will ignore them!! xxx

  2. Love your blog.. you've got a so unique style..and I'm your newest follower!!

  3. Cool skirt, you pull it off so well! I love looking through charity shops and finding clothes there xx

  4. you have such a unique style!i love it x

  5. love your hair and this outfit :) xx

  6. Lovely outfit you've got gorgeous hair xx

  7. The skirts adorable and what a find at a charity shop! Great photos x


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