Christmas Purchases

velvet and tartan dress - Ark £15
Vaseline Hand Cream - Superdrug bought with gift voucher (£1-something)

Deep cleansing mud mask- superdrug bought with gift voucher (£2-ish)

primer- superdrug bought with voucher (£3.50-ish)

cut out cuff - Urban Outfitters £7 reduced from £14
Glittery socks- topshop £3.50

nail tattoos - topshop £3 in the sale
 Today I went shopping with my sister (follow her on twitter) to spend some of our christmas money. I didn't find anything special apart from the dress which is so nice. I tried on some creepers because they were on sale at £55 and they were really big at the back *sobs*. I plan on using left over money to buy a tripod. Hope you've all had a lovely christmas.

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  1. Love the tartan dress! I'm a huge fan of tartan! xx

  2. Cute dress! Hope you had a good christmas xxx


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