Tis the season of ugly jumpers

When I went charity shopping yesterday I realised that I hadn't bought a big chunky jumper in such a long time so I bought this from Barnado's for £3.99. It's kind of has an ugly-knitting-machine-just-exploded kind of look to it but it's so pretty and fits perfectly. There isn't a label inside it so I don't know where it's originally from, perhaps it's hand knitted- who knows?

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  1. I love Charity shops. Your jumper looks cosy:-)Nice blog. What about following each other?

  2. Charity shop jumpers are the best, I always find something really good! THe colour looks awesome with your hair :) xx

  3. I really need to get myself charity shopping, they're perfect for chunky jumpers and camel coats; exactly what I've been looking for! You're right, it is the perfect fit!


    1. I always find camel coats in charity shops too but they are always a million sizes too big! x

  4. I love it, and the title of this post made me laugh. It looks so comfy and this what December is all about, rocking unfortunate looking sweaters! And what a bargain too!


  5. awww i love your blog <3


  6. great find! it looks like it fits perfectly on you :) xx

  7. such a cute jumper & a total bargain which makes it even better :) I had a huge browse round some charity shops yesterday and I didn't find a thing!i was so disappointed :(


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