Week in photos #12

Rainy day// OOTD - green jumper and velvet dress // Cracking out last year's Christmas jumper from UO // Manchester Christmas Lights // pretty but cold morning // Nancy decided to sit with me // going to Chester to see my sister

I feel like my week has been hectic even though it really hasn't! The weeks are only going to get busier with parent's evening, awards' evening, my dad visiting, mock exams and lots of work to do on top of that!

I am going to continue posting though and will possibly do another video next weekend. 

Hope you've all had a lovely week! xx
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  1. your cat is adorable! xx


  2. Hi! I've nominated you for the Laine Blogger Award! Check it out :)


  3. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to get a black cat with me and name her Clementine haha, they're just so cute! And ps i love your head piece from your previous post :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos! ♥ I love cats!

    Followed u for MORE! :)


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