Week in photos #14

Christmas candle // pretty lights // Nancy hiding when I was changing my bed // the amazing decorations in my form room // purchases: this is not a book and the lumineers CD // dressed as a hobbit // fotd // ootd // flapjack

(These pictures are actually from the past 2 weeks) I've had what seems to be a fairly busy week this week, I've just wanted it to end so that I could finish sixth form and for christmas to arrive. Only 2 more sleeps! hurray! 
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  1. i love the lumineers album- so good! lovely photos xx

    1. I have been listening to it none stop!! Thanks xx

  2. LOL I was just looking through your blog, and for some reason, I thought the 3rd picture of your cat in the duvet was a pair of pants with a cat face print on it as my screen brightness is really dark XD ahahah XD I am really such a weirdoo

    1. This made me laugh so much haha I can tell what you mean though x


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