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Taken from Tumblr (Source: unknown)
Taken from pinterest (source: unknown)
Taken from pinterest (source: scathingly brilliant)

Taken from Pinterest (source: Sara Luxe)
I think the three above images just show that I am ready for S/S. Bring on shorts and pastels!

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 Taken from pinterest (source: history for breakfast)
Nicholas II and Alexandra 1903

Taken from pinterest (source: unknown)
I have become a bit of a home decor freak and have taken down my wall collage and trying to make my room look a lot better. I've tried to do something similar to t he above picture on my wall and I keep buying different frames every time I go out.

Taken From Tumblr (source)
 Story of my life right there ^

Taken from Tumblr (source: unknown)
Sometimes I feel that I don't know what I actually like so posts like this kind of sum it up for me. I don't know the sources of some of these pictures but if they're yours or you know whose pictures they are please let me know and I will be happy to credit them.


  1. love these images! am so ready for S/S now, can't wait.

    1. I can't wait either - bring on the warmth! x

  2. im dying over that second outfit!


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