New Year Wishlist

  1. Oversized Roll Sleeve Tee - Topshop £16
  2. Denim Tee with studs - ASOS £14 reduced from £40
  3. Pinafore - Topshop £36
  4. Lime Skater Dress - £17.50 reduced from £55
I have some Christmas money left that I have specifically been told to spend wisely and on something that I really want. I have decided that I want to spend some of it on clothes (duh). I also wanted to spend it on stuff that I really like and in places that I don't normally buy stuff from such as ASOS. Like I said, I only want to spend some of the money on clothes as the rest is going towards either a new camera or a new laptop.

After searching through a few shops I decided that it's down to these 4 items. I was going to buy the black top when I went shopping after Christmas but stupidly didn't so I will almost definitely buy it. I also really like the neon dress which is odd for me because I normally wear quite dark clothes. However there is a bit of a problem...I am ginger and I fear that my hair may clash with the dress so I am quite hesitant to buy it. What do you think?
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