Polaroid Disposable Camera

my chest of drawers (I thought it looked pretty)
my sister when I went to visit her at uni
me when I went to visit my sister at uni
me and my sister in the festive spirit
pussy cat
If you watched my mini collective haul video then you will know that I bought a polaroid disposable camera. However I am quite disappointed with the results. 6 of the pictures could not be printed as they were under exposed and the majority of the ones that did print were really dark despite me using the flash all the time. I mainly wanted the camera to take pictures while I was at the christmas markets in Manchester and not a single one came out as they are all really dark.

If you want a disposable camera I think it's probably best to stick with the Kodak ones as they produce all round better results even though they are twice the price - it is well worth the extra money (and are often on 2 for 1 and you get 12 extra pictures). 


  1. you and your sister are like twins!!

    1. haha thanks, we get that a lot despite the fact there's actually a 3 and half year age gap! x


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