Velvet Kimono

Velvet Kimono - Matalan (only £13 in the sale) // Dress - Topshop (gift from my sister) // spiked necklace - Matalan // shoes - doc martens // lipstick - MUA shade 1

To fit with my theme of wearing stuff that my sister has bought me, I wore this dress from Topshop that she bought me for Christmas  It's supposed to be a midi dress but as I am short and there weren't any in the petite section, it looks more like a maxi that's too short for me. Anyway, the kimono is one of my favourite things at the moment. It has a really nice velvet print and as you all know, I'm a sucker for all things velvet. However there is a downside - the tassels are joined together to make lots of loops which means I keep getting stuck on things. Take today for example, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get unstuck from the zip on my bag! I am very tempted to cut all of the loops.

Tomorrow I am back at sixth form, meaning that by the time I get home it will be getting dark and I wont be able to take as many outfit pictures. I will try my best!

Also I reached 100 followers! Thank you everyone so much for following me, I really appreciate it. I didn't think that anybody would be interested in my blog so thank you so much!

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  1. AhahI have a shirt that has loads offringing on it (I call it my cowboy top XD) and it's literally so frustrating getting caught on everythinggg! Girl problems XD

    1. haha Isn't it annoying ?? I'm glad I'm not the only one xx

  2. omg i have to get one of these kimonos!!! they are seriously amazin, you look class bbz! x

  3. I abolutely love this outfit! Especially the shoes and necklace.. lush! xxx

  4. That necklace is lovely, I want it aha! xo

  5. Oh wow I love that kimono, i need to try hunt that down! Amazing look xx


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