What I Wore Today by Gemma Correll

For Christmas my sister bought me this amazing book by Gemma Correll. It's a place where you can doodle all of your favourite outfits and dream outfits along with spaces to write playlists, design accessories and draw your style icons. It's a great way to keep you creative especially when you feel that you're life revolves around doing work and sleeping - it's a nice break. It also includes a few illustrations by other bloggers showing their favourite outfits.
If you're like me and are not the best at drawing, don't worry because for each outfit you draw there is  a template to ensure that you get your proportions right and you can simply draw the clothes on.

So far I have only drawn one outfit  but I will make sure that I do many more. As you can see the one above was pretty much what I wore for NYE (see this post here). I had no idea how you're supposed to draw tartan so I just tried my best. 

I think my sister bought this from River Island and I'm sure they will still have it. Does anybody else have this book? What do you think?


  1. awww this is totes adorbes!! would be cool for a fashion student! x

  2. Such a cute book! Think I'll have to order one for myself :---)

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it just,I love the little pug! x

  4. omg think i need this in my life!!! :) xx

    1. I definitely recommend it, it's so fun to just doodle outfits in! x

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  6. Oh this is adorable, I may have to have a wee look :) x


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