Barratts Flatform Sandals

A few weeks ago, after moaning about my very small shoe collection on Twitter, I was contacted by Barratts to pick a pair of shoes off their site to win for free. After to looking through their site for hours I finally decided on these babies. I am finally jumping on the flatform band wagon, perhaps about a year late but it's better late than never.
These are made from a sort of suede-y material with metal buckles. They are electric blue and have a white sole which I was worried might look a bit weird but it actually doesn't. I wore them to go to my cousin's 18th birthday and I took the risk to wear them in properly when I was shopping in Chester and they are actually so comfortable. I am terrible at walking in heels bit because these are flatforms they are so easy to walk in, apart from the odd ankle wobble when on uneven ground (staples car park I am talking to you!) The straps do tend to rub a little around the back but this can easily be fixed with plasters.
The only downside was that the blue dye started to run and dyed my clear tights bright blue which means that in the summer when worn without tights, they may make the bottom of your feet blue.
I cannot wait until the summer so I can wear them more often because at the moment my toes get a tad cold but luckily they look good with tights too - who cares about the socks and sandals rule.

They are also currently on sale at £12 reduced from £30. I am normally a size six but I ordered a size five because I tend to need a size smaller in sandals and they fit perfectly so I advise to go a size down. I ordered the shoes on a Friday and they were delivered on the following Monday which was a lot quicker than I expected.

Have any of you ever bought anything from Barratts? What do you think?


  1. ah i love those flatforms so much and the colour is amazing xx

  2. gorgeous shoes! colour is phenomenal!

  3. They're very pretty. I love the colour - shame it runs! I've never tried flatforms before; time to take the plunge :)
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Thank you. It is a shame they run but it's something you can put up with, I mean you can wash your feet! You should totally get flatforms, they look great without the annoyance that heels cause. x

  4. Those shoes are beaut!


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