A touch of neon


Jacket - Primark // T-shirt - topshop // skirt - H&M // shoes - topshop // bracelet - H&M // ring - topshop // lipstick - Topshop in Infrared

I went a little bit OTT with the photos today and took quite a few but hey ho. Blogger is being super annoying and when I click on my photos to move them about it wont let me so they aren't in the order that I want.

Anyway onto the outfit. What is better than buying new clothes? Wearing your new clothes in 1 outfit. I always feel so much better when I have bought new stuff and wear it all together. Is it just me? I like how the outfit is dark but with just a touch of neon, hence the title. I think sometimes people can go a bit over board with neon colours which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

This is one of those outfits that I am going to be wearing constantly over the next few weeks because I love it, despite my mother commenting on the shortness of the skirt. But who cares? Today I am supposed to be doing lots of revision and making up for the fact that I wont  be able to do any on Wednesday or Thursday due to cake making for comic relief. However  I am really not motivated enough at the minute. I just want to sleeeep! x


  1. awesome outfit, as usual! :) i really like the neon skirt!
    i've got the same problems when i want to upload photos, it's so annoying! anyways, hope you have a lovely day! :)


    1. Thanks Lovely!! I'm glad it's not me, I thought it was my laptop playing up but it is so annoying. I hope you have a lovely day too!! xxx

  2. You were right that skirt does look better on, love it! :) x

    1. That's what I told myself when I bought it! xx

  3. Love your skirt and bracelet x



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