Birthday Purchases

Kate Nash CD - That's Entertainment £8.99

Bra - H&M £7.99

SLR Film Camera - Antique Church £20
Dress - Topshop £38 (it looks nicer and less square on)
Necklace- Primark £4
Bra - American Apparel £16

Red Velvet Scrunchie - American Apparel £4.50

On Monday it was my birthday and I was given mainly money along with lots of lovely presents. Since I have finished for the Easter holidays I decided to go shopping with my sister. I am kind of disappointed that I didn't buy more but I am satisfied with what I have bought.

I was angry at HMV as they didn't have any of the CDs that I wanted and everything was such a mess. I understand that they might be going into administration but that doesn't mean that their shop should begin to look untidy, making it incredibly hard for me to find what I want. I gave up looking and went across the road to that's entertainment.

I am also really happy because I bought my first things ever from American Apparel. I could have bought loads more but stopped myself before I went silly. I was a bit unsure about posting the pictures of the bras but hey, everyone knows that girls wear bras so why is it such a big deal?

I am sorry for my blogging absence and I am sorry to say that it could continues to be like this until June *sobs* My exams begin on 13th May and finish on 5th June so before then and during that time I will be revising my bum off.

Have a nice Easter holiday!!! x


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