Casual Sixth Form Attire

Shirt - Matalan // Jumper - Matalan // Trousers - H&M // Shoes - New Look

I want to start taking my pictures outside so I took the opportunity to do so while my neighbours where out. However it began to rain as soon as I got outside which is just my luck really. You will also have to excuse the weird ribbon loop thingy on my shoulder in the last photo.

Anyway onto the outfit. Sometimes I can't be bothered finding something to wear to sixth form as I don't like repeating the same outfit time and time again so last week I opted for this. I love shirt and jumper combos, especially with skinny trousers. I should probably stop wearing these trousers because they are so faded now as I wear them all the time but I love them!

I should be doing more outfit posts outside because I will bribe my sister to take them for me as she  will be back from uni soon - woohoo! x


  1. I love shirt and jumper combos too! Faded jeans just mean that they're well loved :) xx

    1. hshs yes they are definitely well loved! x

  2. Can i say geek chic?

    Getting to doing my pics outside too :) xx


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