Inspiration #2

Meadham Kirchhoff AW13 Backstage (source)
Feminist Bitch (source)

Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia (source)
Marina Diamandis (source)

Kate Nash/Berlin 2013 by Peter Wafzig (source)
 I haven't done an inspiration post in ages, mainly because I forget to go on Tumblr and Pinterest but I finally have and found lots of things that I like.
1) I'm not one to follow designers as I am more of a high street girl but I love Meadham Kirchhoff collections. Rookie often get to go behind scenes and see collections and I always love them! You can see them here.
2) The second picture is something that is becoming more relevant to me as I keep finding myself agreeing with feminist view points.
3) This brings me onto good old Frida Kahlo. I never used to know who she was properly until I read this article on Rookie and ever since I have loved her. It is said that she had an affair witch Leon Trotsky and it made me incredibly happy to see that she appeared in a video we were watching in history - sad I know. I love her, her art and her amazing floral pieces.

4) On pinterest, I have a special board for history pictures - this may seem sad but I don't care. I love history. Anyway I came across this picture of Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg in the snow. It is just such a beautiful picture. Everything is white and gold and there are fountains and huge gardens and it is just amazing. If you look here, you will able to see how HUGE and pretty it is.

5) I have always admired Marina Diamandis' style and I am so jealous of her hair.

6) Kate Nash is one of those people who I have loved since I was like 12. I remember buying one of her first albums from HMV along with the second paramour album. Her music style has changed over the years but I still love her and she follows me on twitter which obviously made me extremely happy.


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