Week in photos #21

expressing my happiness that I got to go home at half ten woo // ootd // squirrel in the park // new lipstick (review coming soon) // messing around in PC world // SHOPPING (haul post on Wednesday)
I just realised that these photos are not in order and are actually backwards with the first one being the most recent rather than oldest. Anyway I went to the park whilst in Chester last week and me and my sister were going to sit and eat our dinner until lots of squirrels started to appear. They obviously really wanted my southern fried chicken wrap. We soon left.  My blog posting may become even less frequent because I have exams in about 2 months and I feel that revision needs to be started so apologies for any absentness. I hope you're all having a lovely week so far even though it's only Monday. I will stop rambling now.


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