1940's Weekend 2013




Cardigan - Tesco // Shirt - Primark // Skirt- Miss Selfridge // Shoes - New Look // Bag - Primark
So today I ventured out to the 1940's weekend in Ramsbottom with my Mom and sister. It's so much fun as everyone dresses up and takes part. I think this year is was much better than the 2 previous years that I have attended because it was sunny and much more was happening, including lots of vintage stalls, which I obviously enjoyed very much. We drifted around Ramsbottom looking in all of the charity shops and had a wander onto the platform, where there was a singer and war memorabilia (and suitcases).

I hope you're all having a fab weekend in the sun!!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Now I think about it, I think I went to the day in Bury last year- I remember there being some sort of flyover and people in costumes singing on the platform. Next year, I'll do it properly for sure! Lovely photos xx


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