Review: Revlon Photoready Foundation


 I recently ran out of my Maybelline dream matte mousse, which I only bought because I was in desperate need, and I wanted to use a foundation that was actually good and not buying it simply because it was cheaper than all the others. I asked on twitter for some suggestions for a relatively cheap but good foundation and I was told about this one: Revlon Photoready. I got it in the shade 002 vanilla, the lightest shade obviously since I am a pale little ginger. It is also has SPF 20 (which I only just realised whilst looking at these photos) which is also helpful for protecting my skin in the summer since I don't like putting sun cream on my face.

At first, it doesn't really look as though the foundation has done anything, so me being me I put a little bit more on to ensure that it looks good. When it's 'settled in' a bit you can see that it actually gives a really good coverage, covering red patches which I have a lot of. However, it doesn't seem to cover freckles very well but I don't mind that. The foundation lasts throughout the day and stays looking the same.

Personally I don't like how the foundation looks with a loose powder on top so I prefer to use a pressed powder instead.

Anyway enough of the rambling on about it, here is what it looks like on:

Overall I am really impressed with this foundation and would buy it again, especially as it's only £9.99 (I think) which in comparison to all the 'top brand' foundations, isn't expensive at all.

Have any of you use Revlon Photoready foundation? What do you think?


  1. i've never used it, but i'd love to try it - definitely on my wishlist now! xxx


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