Dress - Vintage // Bracelet - Urban Outfitters
I know there aren't many pictures to today's outfit post but I really just wanted to show you this dress that I bought the other week at the 1940's weekend. I think it was designed for taller people because the waistline is a little bit low and it is a little bit longer than I wanted but still, I love it! It's a halter neck so was perfect for the heat we had today and the best thing is, I didn't really get burnt! Now that is an achievement for me.
I have finally finished all 9 of my exams and I can gladly say that I don't have to do another exam for a whole entire year. To celebrate I sat in the garden, eating fab lollies, drinking rosé, listening to Radio 1 and reading The Virgin Suicides. It was perfect.



  1. Well done for finishing all of your exams :-). Dress looks lovely, you could always hem it! :-D. Your skin looks flawless in the last photo! xx

  2. Thanks, Lovely!!! I can assure you my skin is not flawless at all! x


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