As I am sure you're all aware at some point at the end of the month Google reader, and therefore Google Friend Connect (GFC), will be no more as Google believe that it isn't used much and that google+ will be more efficient. However this leaves all of us bloggers panicking that we wont be able to keep up with all of our favourite blogs and that we will lose all of those followers that we worked so hard to get.
This is where bloglovin comes in. Bloglovin' allows bloggers to stay following the blogs that we currently follow on GFC by importing them from google reader by simply clicking a button. It really is that simple.

Once you have done this, all recent posts will appear very similar to how they would at the moment on blogger. At the side there is also a section stating which blogs have posts which you have not yet read, allowing to keep track of what posts you have and haven't read.
You will be able to create your own profile which allows others to see your blog and enables others to follow it.

So if you want to keep following my blog and stay up to date with my posts, you can follow me on bloglovin' here.

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