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Crop Tee: H&M £4.99

Floral crown: Primark £3

Belt: Primark £2.50
Shirt: H&M £10 reduced from £12.99
Sunglasses: Primark £1
On Saturday I ventured to Chester to visit the university open day but as my sister goes there, I didn't need all of the campus and library tours so instead we headed into town to go shopping. Here are a few bits and pieces that I bought. I saw the top in the latest company magazine (I think) and I just knew that I had to buy it and it was only a fiver so was an absolute bargain. I also bought the shirt from H&M which has an embellished collar and the sleeves are more like a jersey material. I have been after a white shirt for ages and I almost bought one in new look on the same day but it just wasn't what I wanted so I was overly pleased to find this one. The belt, floral crown and sunglasses were just little bits and pieces that I found in primark that were pretty cheap and pretty so had to buy. It was quite embarrassing buying the sunglasses as there were a group of girls 'daring' each other to buy them as though they were hideous which makes me question my taste. My lovely mother also bought be some beautiful new floral bed sheets from Primark.

Have you bought anything recently? Hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. I have the white H&M shirt, it's my new favourite! :)

  2. Those sunglasses are awesome, ignore the haters haha! Love the floral crown too, so glad I've seen it on your blog as I've been looking for a cheap one!

    1. I'm glad someone agrees about the sunglasses. When I saw the floral crown I literally ran towards it and for £3 you really cannot go wrong. xx

  3. the floral crown is so pretty! xxx

    1. Isn't it just! It was so cheap too! x

  4. Love the cropped tee and sunnies! Everyone seems to be finding amazing sunnies in Primemark!! xxx


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