Week In Photos #28

windows 8 twitter app // pretty candle // how do you instagrammers take photos like this!? // off to revision // in the sun with Laura // in the sun // playing Disney trivia outside // my cute new tree on my pile of books // best lemonade ever // in the pub // cows // a dungarees kinda day
 I have been spending a lot of time thinking that I don't need to revise because it's sunny so I should make the most of it and instead doing nothing but sitting in the sun eating fab lollies and drinking M&S cloudy lemonade. I have 1 exam left and then I will be free, well until Monday at least.
Hope you're all having a fab weekend!


  1. Sitting and eating Fab lollies with me is far much more fun than revising!!! I am a bad influence... I am sorry xxx


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