Week In Photos #30

New Primark bed covers // learnt how to fishtail plait // OOTD (see post here) // Reading pile *sobs* // They only had names beginning with S so I am now Stuart. // The accommodation I want next year at Bristol // Cuddle with Meg // OOTD (see similar post here) // New glasses

This week has been one of those really weird weeks. I had Wednesday and Thursday off to go to my Dad's in Birmingham so he could take me to the Bristol University open day. I can tell you that it is well and truly amazing! Everything from the history course, to the accommodation to the city itself. It's all so fantastic and I really hope that I can get in. However because I had 2 days off I was bombarded with work that I was going to miss as well as homework so now I'm just sad and trying to put it off. I should be going shopping next week which I am looking forward to so much, I really need new clothes.

Today might be the last day of GFC - ah! If you want to still subscribe to my posts then you can follow me on bloglovin, like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I will update each of them every time that I blog so you'll never miss out. I am quite annoyed that GFC is going, I don't even have half the followers on bloglovin which is a shame because I feel that I have tried really hard.

oh well, this has been a lot of rambling for a week in photos post.


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