DIY Bright Photos Frames

I love mismatched frames randomly hung on walls but mine were all really boring colours so I thought that I would jazz them up a little bit and here's how I did it!
You will need:
  • Paint - I used Dulux wall paint tester pots, they were about £1-£2 each from the range
  • 2 Paint brushes -I used thin ones as my photo frames were thin. The tester pots do come with a brush in the lid but they were a bit thick for liking. I got my brushes for less than £1 from B&M and the range
  • Sand paper - You may need this if your photo frames are varnished wood as the paint may not look as good.
  •  Newspaper - Pop this on your table/wherever you are doing this DIY to ensure you don't ruin furniture or carpet.
  • Of course you will need photo frames 
 Step 1: Firstly you need to take the back off the photo frames and take out the pictures and the glass so that the paint doesn't get on them
Step 2: You may need to sand your photo frames, I found that I didn't need to do it too much and I probably could have got away without doing it but it was just to make sure I got the best results. You're best off sanding varnished frames.
Step 3: Start painting! Make sure you cover everything (not the back) and get in all the ridges. Depending on how dark your frame is and how light the paint is you may need to give them an extra coat later on.

Step 4: Once the frame is fully painted carefully move it onto some old newspaper or something (I chose a magazine with Bezza/Mary Berry on) and leave it to dry. This may take a while, especially in the corners.
Step 5: Put your paint brush in some water, preferably in a pretty mug/cup/thing, and leave it to soak while your using your other paint brush to paint the next frame.
Step 6: Paint your other frames in exactly the same way and leave to dry. I left mine for a good few hours to ensure they were fully dry.  
 When dry, pop the glass back in and fill them with pretty pictures. I used old vogue postcards, pictures I have taken and of course a picture of Frida Kahlo. Then all you need to do is hang them on your wall! I love the way they look when frames are not level and are a dotted about a bit.


  1. Aww these look great! :)
    I never think about painting photo frames!
    I might paint some white and gold!

  2. Oooooh these look so cool! Love the bright colours :-)

  3. They look great I will give this a go, so easy yet never thought of it. one of the pics looks like the cover of a book ive got in my loft?



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