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Dress - Topshop // Boots - Doc Martens

When in Manchester the other week I was perusing the sale rails in topshop and found numerous things that were nice and not in my size (typical) and then I stumbled upon this dress for £10. I ran into the changing rooms, threw it on and fell in love a whole lot more. What was even better was when I went to the checkout I asked the kind lady if they did student discount on sale items and she said yes so overall this £46 dress ended up being £9. How amazing. I decided to wear it today,  AS results day, because I thought that if I do badly at least I would be wearing a pretty dress. When I got home my sister pointed out that I have managed to rip a hole in the underskirt. Fab. But it's nothing I can't sew up.
Back to my results I got 3 Bs (Religious Studies, Psychology and World Development) and 2 Cs (History and Maths). I am quite pleased but also sad about history because I put so much effort and only got a C but oh well, I'm wearing a pretty dress.

How were your results?


  1. Well done about your results! I don't get mine 'til next week so the worry is prolonged. And this dress is absolutely amazing, can't believe how cheap it was!

    Anna xx


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