Rebel Rebel

Dungarees - Vintage fair // Top - Charity shop // Boots - Doc Martens // Lipstick - Barry M in the shade 151
I've have been trying to think of different things to wear with my sheer top and this was the result. I would also wear my dungarees with a fishnet top (if I had one). I keep intending to make one but my local supermarkets don't sell fishnet tights for some reason. I am embracing the whole bare leg look at the moment because it is coming to that September time where the weather gets shitty and it's too cold to go barelegged or wear clear tights. Saying this I am looking forward to wearing thick jumpers and having an excuse not to leave the house.
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  1. i've been clinging onto the last chances to go barelegged too. i hate wearing tights SO much i think i'll be barelegged until the rain and the wind defeat me in a month or so xxx

  2. Great dungers, I am yet to find a pair. I am such as opposite though I wear tights and leggings all year round until I cant possibly do it because its too like 2 weeks worth of bare legs yuck! lol XOXO


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