You're From The 70s but I'm a 90s Bitch

Shirt - Primark // Top - Primark // Jeans - Charity Shop // Sandals - Matalan // Lipstick - MUA shade 1
Ok let me start by telling you how happy I am that I found these jeans whilst charity shopping the other day. Ages ago I found some very similar but didn't think that they were all that great so I made them into shorts which is great and everything until I saw the topshop mom jeans and was gutted. What was I thinking!? But alas, I found these and they were only £2.25! A whole 5% of the Topshop price so I think it is safe to say that I am pleased. I don't think the previous owner had worn them very much as they are incredibly stiff and unworn. After scrolling through polyvore for hours thinking of different ways to wear them I ended up pairing them with a crop top and shirt and I think it fits with the whole 90's trend.

Today I went to Manchester on a little shopping trip my mother and sister. I bought a few things (including an amazing rabbit lamp) which I am sure you will see featured in posts in the near future.


  1. Love this outfit, you look so cute xx

  2. This is such a cute outfit and I love that song!
    Frankie xx


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