What's in my college bag?

I have been thinking of doing  what's in my bag post especially after realising how terrible my last one was. I decided to do a college version of the post seeing as I spend 5 days a week there so this is the stuff I tend to carry around with me the most.
 The bag I mostly use for sixth form is this plain black  one from Primark. It was £12 and I got it thinking that I would be able to fit loads of stuff in it. Whilst it does fit a lot in, it isn't spacious enough my endless amount of folders and I can only fit 1 big folder in but hey that's what a locker is for right? On days where I have to take in a lot of stuff I sometimes use my Rokit Vintage tote bag that you get free when you spend £50.

Folder - Wilkinsons // Notepad, civil rights text book and diary // ruler // big ass water bottle // hand sanitizer wipes // paracetamol // natural collection pressed powder - boots // lipstick // Cath Kidston mirror // Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream // Ipod // my rubbish phone (sony xperia X8 // pencil case // sixth form card and locker key // hole punch // headphones

I obviously have all of my general college stuff to get me through the day but I can assure you I will always have many more folders, books etc. than this but I couldn't be bothered to photograph them all and that would be boring wouldn't it? I don't take a lot of stuff in terms of make up like some people do because my make up actually stays on throughout the day and I rarely need to top it up however I do take some powder just to be on the safe side. My hand cream is an absolute essential both in my school bag and hand bag because my school and places when I'm out often have cheap soap that makes my hands really dry and I always have hand sanitizer or these wipes with me too. I think the rest of the items are pretty much self explanatory and are not very interesting, apart from my ipod which I have dug and out and started to use more.
What are your bag essentials?

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  1. This is a really good "whats in my bag" post! I can never do them properly, and I range between carrying nothing and carrying half the planet, so either way it's not worth it.


  2. you're so blummin organised! love your bag- and need to get my hands on a hole punch! xx


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