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I've had these photos saved ever since I bought my new desk (when it was nice and tidy) but I never got round to actually doing a post so, finally here it is! I love these type of posts where you get to see where bloggers plan and write up all of their blog posts and it's good for being nosey at other bloggers' office décor style. I thought I would contribute where I blog from. Saying this, recently I have ended up being slumped on the sofa to write my posts due to lack of time to sit down at my desk properly.

'Nico' Desk - Argos // Basic Office Char - Argos // Printer - HP Deskjet 1050

Boat - RNLI shop

 Fake tree - B&M // Books - Antique Church
Coaster - Gift

Top shelf: Vintage Style Me book, notebooks, religious studies books, all my stationary goodness
Bottom shelf: Diary, What I Wore Today, history books and book on femism, Ghost World, notebooks, Rookie year book one

What do you think of these sorts of posts? Comment with a link to your posts like this, I would love to see!

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