Review: Barry M Nail Paint - Red Wine

Since it is winter I have been on the look out for a perfect deep red nail varnish and I stumbled upon this Barry M nail paint in the shade 'red wine'. I have used Barry M nail varnishes before and have been very impressed with the quality so I thought I would give this one a go. I was torn between this shade and a darker shad but opted for this one as the other seemed to be a bit more of a brown shade.
In all honesty when one layer has been applied it does look like any other red nail varnish but when you have applied a few coats it gives you a deeper colour. With other nail varnishes if I apply more than one coat it often goes all smudgy (technical term right there) and horrible so I have to start again. In the above picture (please excuse my terrible nail painting skills) I used three coats and no smudgy-ness! On my other hand (not pictured) I used four coats and it still hasn't smudged. This allows you to put on the amount of needed to get it to your preferred darkness. As with most nail varnishes, it needs topping up every few days especially if you're like me and accidently make it chip off all the time.  
I really love this nail varnish and I can tell I will be using it a lot this winter as it's a deep autumnal/wintery shade. I think I will definitely be trying some of Barry M's other dark nail polish shades for my perfect winter nails.

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