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 To cheer myself up this week and to spend some vouchers I decided to take a well deserved shopping trip and I managed to get myself a few new things that I thought I would share with you.
 Hat - River Island £22.99 I jumped on the band wagon and got myself one of these beauties. I don't go anywhere nice enough to wear it but I adore the style so so much and I never want to take it off my head. It was £23 which is a lot more than I would normally pay for a hat but River Island had annoyed me already because I couldn't get the boots that I wanted so I just splurged and got the hat. I find something witchy about it - just call me Sabrina.

Kimono - H&M £5.99 - When I first clapped eyes on this I fell in love even though two women were laughing at how ridiculous it was and for a mere £6 I could not find a reason why I shouldn't buy it. I intend for it to be for the warmer months, if we ever get any, because it's just so floaty and perfect but still in my favourite colour. 
Polar Neck Crop Jumpers - Primark £2 (sale) - I have been after a polar neck jumper or two for a while but whenever I find one I tell myself that I wont be winter for long and then when  I get home I realise how dumb I was for thinking that. Finally I found these for super duper cheap in Primark and they are so comfy. The fact that they're cropped means I will be able to wear them into the spring as well. However I did something really silly - I cut a hole in the grey one when cutting out the label but luckily I can sew - phew! 
Oversized tee - Primark £2.50 (men's) - Primark logic is so sneaky. In the women's section they were selling oversized t-shirts that said 'I <3 my boyfriend's tee' on the label - so basically a women's oversized t-shirt that makes it look like it's your boyfriends - for £3. However if you just go to the men's section, the t-shirts that are so much nicer and will actually look properly like your boyfriend's tee were a whole 50p cheaper. I got this in a size L because they all looked quite small and I wanted it to be properly oversized and it's so soft and comfy , I can tell I will be living in it.
So these are just a few new additions to my wardrobe. I will be doing another post sharing the beauty products I bought too. Have you bought anything new recently?
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  1. Replies
    1. I am obsessed with it, I cannot wait to wear it x

  2. I'm so jealous how the crop polos and mom jeans suit you so well! You definitely got some great bargains :) xx

    1. Thank you, I think anybody can pull it off- just wear whatever you want! :) x

  3. I think I'll be borrowing some of those items when I get home Doll! Looking beautiful as always x :)

    1. I do not think you will missy - luv ya bby xoxo

  4. That kimono is amazing! Love the witchy vibes! I bought a felt hat recently too xo


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