Sunday Post No. 2

How adorable is my little Nancy cat? Only a couple of posts for you this week, I have been super busy with revision and other important stuff (cough sleeping cough). Even though I have only posted a few things, I am trying to make a bit of variation on my blog so it's not just outfit post after boring outfit post. I am also attempting to take lots of pictures this week for me to schedule over the next few months for when I am super super busy with endless amounts of revision for my exams which are ridiculously close. Anyway here is what I have posted this week:
Jewellery Favourites - In this post I shared some of my favourite jewellery pieces including an adorable cat ring and lots of gold necklaces.
Winter Florals - Just a simple outfit post featuring my new a beautiful floral skirt from Urban Outfitters which cost me a fraction of the price of what it was supposed to be.
Keep your eyes peeled over the next week as there will be some very different posts to what I usually put up. What have you been blogging about this week?

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