A Guide To Gift Giving: 5 Simple Tips

A very different theme to what I usually blog about but I am always being told by my friends that I buy good presents so I thought I would share my gift buying tips because it really isn't difficult and there is no need for it cost you a fortune. So here are my top 5 tips you might want to consider when buying for your friends, family, other half or whoever you want to buy gifts for.
1. Stop and think about the person you are buying for - so this might seem like a simple step but I know a lot of people will leave buying presents until the very last minute and buy panic and buy something you know they wont use. If you just take 5 minutes to stop and think about the person it will really help. Make a list of things you know they like, might need or just general ideas. If something pops into your head when you're sat in bed philosophically thinking about the meaning of life, put a reminder in your phone!
2. Do you have any inside jokes with the person you're buying for?  - I think this will work best if you're looking for a present for your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. You know when you might laugh over and over again with them about something only you two understand? Buy them something related to it. I once gave my friend a snow globe with pictures of Lenny Henry and Karl Pilkington in. To everyone else that might seem weird but trust me she loved it. The fact that you have actually remembered a conversation you had will make their day as it shows that you have put some thought into the gift. Just hope that they remember the joke too.
3. Take notice of what they say to you - If you make a conscious effort to make a mental note (or again write it down) of what people say to you in everyday conversations, you might pick up on something that they might need or like. For instance my friend spoke to me about the film 'my fair lady' once in a conversation and I went out and found an old copy of the book and got it for her birthday and she loved it. It shows that you have listened when they tell you things and it's more thoughtful than buying something random in a panic.
4. Personalised gifts - This is an easy and meaningful gift idea that wont really cost you that much money. One of the best, and my favourite options, is to buy a pretty photo frame and put in a picture of you and them (and maybe with other people too) as it will remind them of when it was taken which should hopefully be a happy memory. The picture doesn't always have to be one of you and them, you could always go for the inside joke option again and put in a picture of their favourite celebrity/strange crush or fascination they have. (You can spruce up your frames by following my DIY bright photo frames tutorial)
5. Look in shops that you might not normally visit - I am talking pound shops, B&M and Home and Bargains because, although they seem like the sort of shops that sell cheap chocolate and other random and useless crap, if you keep your eyes peeled you can find some really lovely stuff some of which is similar to more expensive shops. For example, I bought an adorable bunny lamp from Urban Outfitters for £9 and they had the exact same one in Home and Bargains for £1.99. I was so annoyed because of the amount I paid but it would make a perfect gift. They do such pretty gifts that you might put in the home such as photo frames, wall decorations, jewellery holders etc. and they don't cost a bomb which means you can buy more stuff and more presents is always fun for the receiver.
Those are my gift buying tips and I think the main idea is just to put a bit of thought into buying presents because the receiver with appreciate it a lot more than if you just buy something completely random.
Do you have any gift buying tips? Comment below because I would love to hear them!


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