Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes

Throughout the winter I think it's mandatory to wear wintery shades to match your gloomy mood as well as your outfit. This winter I have seemed to be constantly wearing any of these 4 shades: Barry M Nail Paint in Red Wine (full review), Ciaté Mini in Cookies and Cream, MUA in Moody Mink and Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Pompous (full review).

Barry M Nail Paint in Red Wine: This is the most perfect red shade for winter as it's not too bright and in your face, as you might want in Spring or Summer, and works even better when you have applied a few coats to give more of a deeper, burgundy colour. This colour is one of my favourites anyway, other than black, so matches the vast majority of my winter wardrobe.
Ciaté Mini in Cookies & Cream: The above picture doesn't do this nail varnish much justice as in reality it's more of a creamy-grey colour - basically how it looks in the bottle. It's great for when you're opting for the nude look because it's extremely subtle and doesn't chip easily so is low maintenance, perfect for lazy winter days when you really cannot be bothered.
MUA in Moody Mink: I actually bought this nail varnish to put in my friend's Christmas cracker that I made (yes I am an awesome friend) and I was secretly jealous that I was giving her such a pretty colour of nail varnish. Luckily my other friend bought me the exact same one for me for Christmas. As with other MUA products, I was highly impressed especially to say that it's a mere £1. It is the most perfect dark pastel colour so not too bright for winter but also fantastic for spring and the best thing is that it doesn't chip easily. I love it and will definitely re-purchase it when I run out.
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompous: I love the slight hint of metallicness (yes that I did just make up that word) in this nail varnish because it makes it a bit more exciting that your normal dark purple. Rimmel never fail to please me as their nail polishes, once applied, last for ages and their thick brushes make it so much easier to apply. I tend to wear this on the rare occasion that I go out in the evening or for when I want to make an effort because I think it's a bit more glam than my other faves.
So there you have it, my favourite winter nail varnishes and hopefully it wont be winter for much longer and I can move onto more pastel shades - who am I kidding winter is going to last for a few more months yet.
What are your favourite winter nail polishes or just general favourites?

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