Skull Candy Hesh 2

For Christmas my lovely sister bought me these Skull Candy Hesh 2 Over Ear Headphones. I'm not really used to over ear headphones never mind good quality ones so these are a big change from my £5 pink ones from ASDA.
First of all the quality of them is actually amazing, especially with the volume high. You can really tell the difference between over ear and in ear headphones as it really does make a lot of difference. The only issue is that they aren't the comfiest things in the world as they squash the top of my ears a little bit and the backs of my glasses but I do think I a probably an idiot and wearing them wrong so for the average person who knows that they're doing they are probably really comfy.
Also I probably wouldn't wear them out in public because 1) I don't want to get them stolen from my bag at sixth form 2) They don't really block your music from the rest of the world so I would get many angry looks from people on the bus 3) I would be really self conscious as they mess up my hair and I would feel like everyone was looking at me. However they are perfect for when I am sat revising or for when I am watching Youtube videos. If you have the confidence to wear this sort of headphones out then I am jealous and congrats to you.
Generally they are fab and you should go and get some. They have some pricier ones with additional features like a microphone (would you really need that?) but these are fab for simply listening to music and generally jamming. Yep I did just say that.

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  1. I'm not a massive fan of big headphones, like you say you'd only really use them indoors! Sometimes it just looks like people are trying to make a point or something! Apple headphones seem to work for me anyway :) xx

  2. Oh my golly gosh your hair is soooo long!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you like them :) It took me half an hour umming and ahhing as to whether to get them or not. Glad it was a good purchase! x :) Love ya!

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