Sunday-ish Post No. 5

So this week's Sunday Post is actually on a Monday because I couldn't decide on a picture to put with it so here is Nancy's face right before we had cuddles. This week has gone so blummin quick I have no idea what I've been doing. I have been dreading this next week because I have my EPQ presentation and I have to catch a train on my own for the first time - waah I am growing up! I have posts scheduled for you so it will seem that I am not busy but in fact I will be a busy busy bee. This is what I have posted this week:
Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes - It is what it says on the tin really. The nail varnishes that I have loved this winter. Saying that I will probably wear these through out the spring....and summer and whenever I feel like it!
Eagles -  One of my favourite outfits at the moment featuring not just one eagle but two both of which are on jewellery and totally unintentionally matched.
What has been your favourite blog post this week?

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