Sunday Post No. 4

This week I have had my results back from my mock exams and hooray for me I didn't fail any of them. I am now going to spend the next 2 weeks stressing over my EPQ, going to Bristol and going to London on top of revision. I am also popping to a vintage fair this week as long as it's still on as they seem to get cancelled a lot. In blogging news I have learnt how to use my camera properly and also the Pixlr Editor which I think is a lot like Photoshop (maybe) but it means that I can edit my pictures properly and hopefully you will notice that they are beginning to look a lot better!
This week I have posted:
Blue Jeans & Pink Shirt - Just a simple outfit post featuring a cute little pink shirt from Primark and high-waisted jeans that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with.
New In: Hair and Beauty Purchases - A follow up post to last week's fashion purchases post but instead featuring the new hair and beauty things I have been buying including make up from Topshop.
Hat Life - Another outfit post with my amaaaazing River Island hat that I am so in love with and my beloved paisley pants.
I hope you've all had a fab week!

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