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Muji Storage - £7.95

I am presuming that you have all heard about the Muji make up storage and if you haven't - where the hell have you been? When I went to London I stumbled across the Muji shopped so naturally I forced my friends to go in there so I could finally get my hands on some make up storage. After perusing around I found this acrylic draw set that wasn't in their special beauty section but I thought it looked pretty much the same and was a bit cheaper at £7.95. As soon as I got home I filled it with my lipsticks, which was the main reason that I bought it, and the make up that I use on a daily basis. This is the narrow version of the draws and I am thinking that I should have got the wide version. I wanted to buy more and more storage but seeing as I had to catch the tube, train and bus to get home, I didn't want to cart it all around with me and I was so worried that I would break it. I got this one to sort of test out whether I like them or not before splurging and buying loads but so far I am so happy with it and intend to buy more. At the minute I am using a 'DIY' muji box to store the rest of my make up. When I say DIY I mean an empty Ferrero Rocher tub. There is something about this sort of organisation that fills me with content. 

Do you use the Muji storage?

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  1. It looks really nice, where was the shop in London?

    1. I went to the one in Covent Gardens x


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