Hair Saviours

After many years of messing about dying, chopping and putting lots of styling products on my hair, I recently decided to actually begin to look after my hair a bit better and put in a bit more effort into the way that it looks. 

Trésemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray (£5.50) - One of my biggest hair sins (if that's even a thing) is not protecting my hair against styling tools which is pretty bad considering that I use straighteners almost everyday and on the days that I don't, I will probably use my curling wand. I know I shouldn't but I do. In order to protect my hair from the heat I use the Trésemme heat defence spray which also contains keratin to build up the strength of your hair. I find that the spray not only protects your hair but it also makes it softer for long which is also a plus. 

Boots Coconut and Almond Leave In Conditioner (£1.49) - I have raved about this so much as it keeps your hair really soft. I wouldn't use this as well as the heat defence spray as I don't like to put too many products on my hair at once as I think it will just make the condition of my hair worse rather than better. Instead I tend to use this on the days where I am not using styling tools so that my hair is soft but doesn't need protecting. I simply apply in the evening after I have washed my hair. 

Dove Nourishing Dry Ends Serum (£4.59)  My lovely mother recently commented saying that the ends of my hair are looking a bit dry, mainly because I hate getting my hair cut so I found this product that aims to nourish dry hair, prevent firzz and make it easier to style. It's quite an easy product to use because you can use it whenever you want whether it's on wet or dry hair or before or after styling it. I tend to use it on dry hair after straightening as this is when my hair is the most dry and frizzy. It feels a bit greasy in your hands but it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. It actually makes the ends of my hair really smooth and soft and lot less frizzy and it smells pretty amazing too. 

VO5 Plump it Up Dry Backcomb Spray (£3.79) - I actually bought this a while ago and barely used it but recently started using it again and have fallen in love. I tend to stay away from dry shampoos as they make my hair feel soft but really gross as the same time. This isn't technically a dry shampoo but instead aims to make you hair look like it's  been backcombed without causing damage to your hair. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but when my hair is a bit greasy I find that backcombing makes it look less greasy so this spray is actually pretty genius. It makes my hair look slightly backcombed, and therefore a bit fresher, without it making me feel like my hair is really gross,dirty and full of hair products. 

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£2.19 for mini, £7.19 for large bottle) - I really love how salt spray makes your hair look sort of effortlessly cool but it took me ages to find one that I liked but last year I finally found this one. I buy the mini bottles because I can't make myself spend £7 on one hair product that I won't use on a daily basis and because the mini bottles last me all summer. You don't really need a lot of this product as too much can just make your hair look greasy and I tend to only use it on the lengths of my hair to avoid greasy roots. 

What are your hair saviours?

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  1. I love my Toni and Guy Sea Salt spray too! Since cutting down on using my hair straighteners, only using them once a week, my hair has been in great condition :) xx

    1. I really need to cut down on using my straighteners too but I don't like my natural hair! x


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