Review: Nailene Full Cover Nails

Nail Varnish used - Barry M Nail Paint in Red Wine
I've been meaning to blog about these nails since January but have only just got round to doing it but better late than never I supposed. I've never really worn false nails before and have never really found any in the colour/patter that I like but when I do I don't want to spend £6 on a pair of nails that I will wear once. But then I found these Nailene Full Cover Nails in 'square active' - a set of 200 plain nails. The price varies depending on where you look. They are cheapest in Bodycare (£4.99) and most expensive in Boots (around £8) but whatever the price they work about to be around 2-4p per nail which isn't bad at all and you can purchase them at your local supermarket such as Tesco and ASDA so they are really easy to find. Obviously not all of the nails will fit your nail size so you will have some left over but it means you can find the right nail to fit you and if they're too long you can simply cut or file the nail down. Personally I like to cut the thumb and index fingers into a different shape as they look far too square and unnatural but the rest seem to be fine. The nails are much thicker at the tip which is handy as it makes them a bit stronger to avoid them springing off all over the place as many other false nails seem to do, however due to my clumsiness I still manage to spring them off. All you do is either paint them before you glue them on or paint them once they are stuck down. Personally I skilfully blue tack them to a tooth pick and paint them before I glue them down to avoid getting nail varnish all over my fingers. All you do then is glue them down with the glue provided (be careful it dries very quickly) and hey presto your nails look fab. 

They tend to last for a few days depending on how careful you are and how much glue you've put on. If they don't all pop off naturally don't even think about pulling them off because you will ruin your real nails and I'm guessing you could end up pulling your real nail off. All you need  is some acetone solution (I use the Superdrug Acetone Artificial Nail Remover similar here). It recommends that you hold your nail in the solution for 15 minutes but it also says that it may irritate or damage your skin. To avoid this I put my nail in the solution for about 1-2 minutes and then soak and cotton wool pad in the solution and hold it on my nail. It will slowly melt the nail and glue and if you keep checking it will eventually just fall off. Just a tip, when the solution says use a glass or metal bowl make sure you do so because I am presuming that it will melt right through a plastic bowl as it does with your nails. 

I really love these nails and for the price you can't really go wrong.

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  1. Can't believe how cheap these are! I've never really worn fake nails, but these look amazing! xx

    1. They are really good, totally recommend them x


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