Struggle Painting Your Nails? - Julep Plié Wand Launch

I have to admit that before I was contacted to blog about the launch of the Plié Wand I had never heard of it but now I am kind of thinking that these people are geniuses for designing this product. Julep's chief innovator, Jane Park (watch her video on the product here), designed this product with the struggles of polishing your nails in mind. They use the analogy of how hard it would be to write with a pen the size of a pen lid so why struggle to paint your nails in the same way? The Plié Wand allows you to comfortably paint your nails and also makes it a whole lot easier to paint with your non-dominant hand so you don't have one hand that looks like a toddler did it. This really is revolutionary stuff guys, I'm telling you. I have so many issues with painting with my dominant hand because I'm just not very careful but this allows you to have more control and therefore have perfectly polished nails and it's no longer seen as a chore.

If you've already heard about Julep you will be happy to know that the Plié Cap fits onto existing nail polishes. If you've not seen the range of polishes they have on offer I suggest you go and have a look because they literally have so many colours it is insane so you're bound to find what you're looking for and it has recently been updated with more colours for this summer. One of my favourite colours from their range is the shade hope which fits nicely with the white nail trend this summer.
Today is the official launch of the product and I was lucky enough to be asked to blog about it to tell my readers about the Plié Wand so that you can hear about it too! You can purchase the Plié Wand over on the Julep website.
Does this sound like a good product to you? 

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  1. This is genius really, I fail at painting my nails!

    1. I know right I can't believe someone didn't figure it out earlier! x

  2. Looks amazing! I need to try this - absolutely rubbish at painting my nails!

    Emma x

  3. Okay I definitely need this haha :)


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