Summer Essentials: Accessories

In my second instalment of my summer essentials is accessories. In the summer it can sometimes be difficult to stay looking fab when all you really want to do is put on a little pair of shorts and a small top because it's far too hot. Instead I find that accessories are key for staying glam when it's hot as it just adds a little bit of something to your outfit. 

First of all, what is summer without a statement necklace? I got this New Look Leaf Necklace (£7.99) for my birthday and I love how it can make a basic outfit look so much better with it's feathery/leafy style pendants which fits with the summer 'boho' (hate that term) or aztec trends and just completes the summer feel. When I am not really feeling the whole statement necklace vibe I opt for my crystal quartz necklace (similar here) from Tentative Decisions that I won the other year in a giveaway which is just simple but so pretty at the same time.
Sticking with the gold theme I love these gold rings from Primark and H&M which come in all different sizes and thicknesses to suit your preference. Whilst I might not be wearing these when it's seriously hot (i.e. sweaty fingers) they're just another easy way to add simple details to your summer outfit as do earrings. All year round I always forget to wear earrings but whenever I do I always choose my holographic earrings which I surprisingly bought from Superdrug in that random jewellery section. These are great for the summer as the holographic triangle shimmers in the sun which just makes your outfit a little bit more interesting.
Bracelets are another item that I often forget to wear but I love this Urban Outfitters cuff. I find it hard to wear as it's silver and, as you can tell, most of my other jewellery is gold, so it's hard to match it. However it's great to just shove on a go and looks perfect with a kimono and I love a good kimono.
Last but certainly not least are sunglasses - probably the summer essential as they look great but also serve a beneficial purpose of protecting your eyes which you should do if you're out in the sun for a long time. These are from Primark who offer a range of cheap but amazing sunglasses. As I need glasses and don't wear contacts (ew) I can't actually see out of these but prescription sunglasses are annoyingly expensive to say you will only wear them for a small part of the year so these Primark ones will do for now.
So that's it - my essential accessories for summer.
What are you must have accessories for summer?

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  1. I adore that necklace, it's absolutely divine x

    1. Thank you and I don't think it's that expensive either x


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